Welcome to KMG Group...

Throughout its history, KMG Group has made its mark various areas of concentration and providing quality products to solve specific and often urgent needs for our customers and clients. It's been a company which believes that one should get the best of the best for the best prices offered by us. Since the beginning, the company has been customer-focused. Just as it is now. Does history repeat itself? See for yourself.

KMG Group incorporates various companies dealing with a vast variety of products required by small, medium and large scale industries, as well as end users. The group came into existence in the year 1976, and since then there has been aggressive graph of growth....             more »


We believe that our commitment in treating our customers and employees akwith leadership and comfort, have made us achieve new height and recognition in this competitive market.

Chairmanís Message

"If success is man's primordial instinct, then the only route to its attainment lies in hard work"
Mr. Basudev Garg
(Chairman & Managing Director)


Spot Light

Kunal Garg Memorial Trust (Reg.) has been associated with many charitable organizations in the country.