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KMG Modular Switches

DELTA Vega - Created with the same German passion and technology to open up new horizons in Indian electrical market.

The exclusive DELTA vega range stands for design in its purest form and enhances your room's decor with style. It combines top grade materials, clear lines and - a flat design par compare.

Sleek and stylish DELTA vega modular switches offer value addition to your surrounding through high level of functionality and flexibility combined with exceptional design.

DELTA vega is one of its kind because of its high-class appearance, but that's not all. It also offers a variety of colour combinations.

Perfect combination of an elegant look and superior quality is a key feature of the DELTA vega range.

This product range sets new standards in the language of design by winning Red dot design award.

Red dot design award ranks amongst the largest design competitions worldwide. This award stands for acceptance among the very best in design and business.

DELTA vega won this coveted trophy for product design category in 2004.

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