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KMG Macro Investments Pvt. Limited

KMG Macro Investments Pvt. Limited, is another group company which was established in 1988. We are a privately held company whose owners' expertise lies in investing, operating and managing small businesses. The value which every employee of the team believes in "Honesty and integrity which makes our customers coming back to us" has been the foundation of our growth in this respective sector.

KMG Macro Investments Pvt. Limited, is well-known lender of its kind in India. We specialize in business equipment financing and leasing. We also offer accounts receivable financing, factoring, and purchase order credit lines. KMG's customer base includes small businesses, municipalities, charitable and religious organizations.

We are also a recognized company in developing middle-market vendor finance programs. Relationships are the core of our business. We build relationships through commitment to service, industry-specific expertise, and a broad array of programs and financial solutions. We help manufacturers and equipment vendors with capital and creativity to enhance their business.

The company's 80% of the business is from referrals and repeated clients. KMG also approves and funds internally as well as assigns payments to banks and investment groups to meet individual requirements. Our positive outlook enables us to look for ways to get the equipment and financing that our clients need with as little paperwork as possible.

KMG Macro Investments Pvt. Limited, has a high success rate with more difficult transactions and new start up businesses. If it makes sense we can get it done. We have a Valuable customer base but we know the importance of developing a close working relationship with each of our new customers. Participating in the growth and success of your business keeps us motivated to constantly improve our services.

KMG cannot be all things to all businesses, but after some discussion about financial needs of our clients, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

We are a family of companies ready to help customers with crucial decisions that affect their lifestyles and wallets financing a vehicle, selling a house, getting a mortgage, insurance for many needs and for our business customers commercial lending for a multitude of business pursuits.

Increasing Your Business is Our Business. We are here to help our clients to achieve their goals.