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About Us

Throughout its history, KMG Group has made its mark various areas of concentration and providing quality products to solve specific and often urgent needs for our customers and clients. It's been a company which believes that one should get the best of the best for the best prices offered by us. Since the beginning, the company has been customer-focused. Just as it is now. Does history repeat itself? See for yourself.

KMG Group incorporates various companies dealing with a vast variety of products required by small, medium and large scale industries, as well as end users. The group came into existence in the year 1976, and since then there has been aggressive graph of growth.

As a company committed to excellence, the group soon established its credentials as an industry leader in the manufacturing, supply and distribution of metal and electrical goods, as well as carving a niche for itself in the realm of dairy products.

The Group stepped in the business field by initially starting out with trading of non-ferrous metals, electrical & electronic components. This small step proved to be a giant leap, establishing them as a recognized business house in India. A milestone was reached when the company started a state of the art manufacturing unit of high class Dairy Products, Power Distribution Systems and Energy Saving Lamps. After achieving another milestone group simultaneously, ventured into the world of finance and leasing. The company's success was made possible largely due to the work ethics of the Group's employees, which is reflected in their consistent effort to maintain high standards of quality.

In keeping with its ideas of growth, the KMG Group is now seeking to expand its area of operations to include financial concerns within the purview of the Group's activities. To this end, the Group seeks to establish money-changing outlets and to set up a banking facility in the near future.

To keep pace with the new emerging business scenario, we have also diversified ourselves into the IT sector where we shall endeavor to attain recognition for quality and service, which are the hallmark of our Group. This was done by getting accredited an ISO 9001:2000 company.

The company's diversification plans have now expanded its horizons to the rest of the world. While expansion has always remained a constant endeavor, it has been marked with the development of goodwill in the Indian industrial scenario.