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Donation of Books under Literacy Project of AWIC
(Report by Ms Veer Bala Rastogi)

Under AWICs Literacy Project, two hundred Hindi and two hundred English Alphabet books and twenty five Chahchahate Geet, and twenty five Meri Nai  Kitab were donated to Save The Children India’s Delhi chapter. STCI is a non-profit organization committed to preventing exploitation and discrimination of vulnerable women and children. The organization empowers them to lead a life of dignity, self-respect and independence. It addresses their need based issues of education, vocation and health education. It reaches out to families, predominantly migrants from neighbouring states. The Delhi chapter is working from 86, Sarai Kale Khan, Nizzammuddin. It has many programs such as:-

  • A preschool program for children aged 3- 6 years. It assesses upto 150 children and gives them basic concepts of education.
  • It has a remedial education program for under- privileged school children, which enables them to come at par with others in their school level grades.
  • It also focuses on basic literacy and life-skill education for girls and women who have never been to school or have dropped out at early ages. Here these participants learn words, letters and number identification.
  • Besides, there are vocational and health education programs for adolescent girls and capacity building programs for women.

When the member distributed the books to the children of Balwadi they became very happy and excited to have them. Children immediately opened the books and started looking at the illustrations and recognizing the words. The bright smiles on their faces expressed the impact of having a book of their own. Similarly, adult girls, women and school-going students were delighted to see these beautiful books and thanked AWIC for their generous gift.
In the words of  Reena Tete, Head of STCI Delhi chapter, ‘Our Children and women have started to have a fun time reading these pictorial and easy to read books. These beautifully designed books have made learning interesting’.


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